General Rules


Be cool. The only thing we do differently than the general public is shed our clothes. It’s not okay to do anything here that you wouldn’t do anywhere else. It is not okay to stare and gawk at nudists or make comments about someone you wouldn’t want being made about your mother. Excessive profanity, vulgar and/or sexual comments are frowned upon. This is a family-oriented environment.


21+ drink on! Responsibly.
If you are old enough to drink then drink, if not don’t drink. Know your limits. We do not condone underage drinking, excessive drinking or any illegal drug use. So just be cool and don’t get yourself banned from our events.


Sit on a towel. Shower before entering the pool.
Towels are mandatory. For too many reasons bring at least two. One to sit on and one to dry off with. NEVER sit on anything without a towel and NEVER sit on someone else’s towel. Always shower before entering the pool and/or hot tub. Nobody cares about what your body looks like but please please practice good personal hygiene.


Don’t be nosey. We usually only throw out first names. For personal and professional reasons most may not share their occupations or places of employment.


Don’t take pictures without consent. There may be an event photographer taking pictures but it will be of only those who signed a written consent form. They will also have something saying they are event photographers not just some random person with a camera. Rarely is photography is allowed, never photograph someone without their permission. If someone does give you permission make sure there is not a single person in the background. Different places have different rules about this so just ask at the venue about their policy.


Contrary to popular belief it’s rare to see one. As long as you are not actively trying to achieve one you probably won’t. But in the event it does happen to you just don’t display it. Sit down or think about baseball.

Body Art

Not a problem. Many people have body art, tattoos, and piercings these days and we don’t have a problem with it. However, this is not a sexual/fetish environment so if your piercings have leather and/or chain attachments please leave those at home.